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Remembering an old time waltz

Barry Evans
Barry Evans

Way, way back when I was a youngin’, I used to listen to music quite a bit.  In fact, one song which was popular was entitled, “Music, Music, Music”. It had verses that were sung by a singer named Teresa Brewer.  Now by today’s standards what was unusual about the song was that you could understand the words.  One reason for that was that while the music had a catchy tune to it, the orchestra kept it in the background and did not drown out Ms. Brewer.  In fact, Teresa had a number of popular songs, and you could hear the words in each of them. They were tunes like “Let Me Go Lover” and “Ricochet Romance”. Not only could you understand the words, but they were suitable for what used to be called “polite society”.

I will mention one more song she wrote while readers try to recall who Teresa Brewer was.  The song in question was, “Till I Waltz Again With You’.  I am somewhat doubtful if many of the latest generation know what a waltz is. A lot of waltzes did not have lyrics, although Frankie Yankovic’s. “Blue Skirt Waltz” did.

Despite Frankie, Teresa and some others, I doubt if any guy today goes around thinking that he would like to have another waltz with his old girlfriend who wore a blue skirt.  I imagine that if he were to hand the music to a band today, he probably wouldn’t be able to waltz with her anyhow.  The reason being that that the music would be so loud that he would not recognize it, and would have a difficult time waltzing her around the dance floor.  (The guys used to do that, and it was fun.)

I hasten to mention before The Blonde in the House laughs, I was not one who could waltz a young lady around the dance floor.  I would have most likely tripped over my feet in attempting to waltz like Fred Astaire or Gene Kelly.  I would have been similar to one of Gene Autry’s old sidekicks like Smiley Burnett.  Luckily, I had some other attributes that attracted a cute blonde. I was never told what the attributes were, but they worked. If I were to be a young gallant today, lord knows that I would do.  I am assuming that since today, you don’t get to snuggle up to a young lady as everybody is off dancing by themselves while the musicians try to make as much noise as they possibly can, that I would have to use other methods to attract a cute blonde.

You know, the more I think about it, today’s music might just be up my alley.  It is well known that I have no rhythm. So, since you don’t need it with today’s noise (music), I could probably shake up and down as well as the next guy.  True, I might have to let my hair grow long, and not shave for a few days.  But, hey you do what you have to do to attract a cute blonde.  If I knew the name of any of the popular singers today, I would quote one of their songs now. While I don’t know the lyrics, (I tried listening, but the music was too loud) there is apparently a popular song called “2step” by Ed somebody.  I could most likely work with that since as is known a waltz is a four step.  With the steps cut in half, I might make it in today’s world. (Ok, perhaps it is a fox trot that has 4 steps, but you get the idea.  I told you I know nothing about music)

I think I will find my Blonde and see if she would like to waltz again – just in fewer steps!

Barry Evans is a columnist for Villages-News.com.

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