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Sunday, June 5, 2022

What exactly did we buy into when we purchased in The Villages?

To the Editor:

I’m so confused because both The Villages Daily Sun and this online newspaper indicated in their articles that the Developer did not need permission from the Town of Lady Lake for their proposed apartments at the former site of Katie Belle’s. Therefore, what or why does the Developer even need to go before the Town of Lady Lake? Can someone, anyone, clarify this for me, please?
I read your article that the water tower and windmill at Brownwood both have rot and must be torn down before Hurricane Season. This matter is falling under the CDD (residents to pay for!) Again, if the Developer “owns” the property at Spanish Springs and can do with it what he likes, why are the taxpayers getting “hit” with problems at Brownwood? Isn’t this property also owned and controlled by the Developer?
Lastly, perhaps I am wrong but I thought that “representations made,” no matter how old, via advertisements and/or via the Villages Own Sales Representatives are a considered a “contractual” obligation. Having said that, prospective buyers of The Villages were advised by advertisements/brochures/DVDs from The Villages and in person via their own sales representatives (myself and my husband included) that a restaurant for “residents only” (Katie Belle’s) was included in our purchase of a home in The Villages AND a restaurant and priority pool at EACH and EVERY championship golf course (Hacienda Hills Country Club restaurant and pool GONE – bulldozed into nothing.)
I’m just wondering, and maybe I’m just old but, does anyone live up to their “word” anymore no matter how long ago it was made? Sad, as we, of the older generation believed that a person’s “word” (promise) was just that … a promise meant to be kept. Is there no “honor” anymore?

Judy Wilson
Village of Hacienda North


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