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Thursday, September 29, 2022

AAC contends it has no authority to revive Katie Belle’s as amenity in The Villages

The Amenity Authority Committee has made it clear it has no authority to revive Katie Belle’s as an amenity for residents of The Villages.

Community Development District 2 Supervisor Jim Cipollone has championed the idea of the AAC taking over the former dining and dancing attraction at Spanish Springs Town Square. The Villages wants to convert Katie Belle’s to seven age-restricted apartments. Cipollone spoke to the AAC on Wednesday at its meeting at Savannah Center. Many residents have applauded Cipollone’s idea and have dreams of restoring Katie Belle’s to its glory days.

However, the AAC and its attorney threw cold water on the idea.

“It is not something that we can do under the Florida Constitution,” said the AAC’s attorney Kevin Stone.

AAC member Ann Forrester said she is concerned that residents’ hopes have been raised about the unrealistic revival of Katie Belle’s.

“We don’t want you to be disappointed in us, but if we legally cannot do it, we cannot do it,” Forrester said.

Community Development District 4 Supervisor Cary Sternberg agreed that the AAC has no role in any resurrection of Katie Belle’s.

“The AAC should not get involved with trying to restore a business. You are an amenity authority. Katie Belle’s was a business created by the Developer. The Developer decided to cease to operate it when it became unprofitable,” Sternberg said.

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