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E-biker responds to couple’s complaint in the Village of Bradford

To the Editor:

Response to the letter “Couple complains about bad behavior on paths south of State Road 44.”
I live in Bradford and have two E-bikes. The average speed I travel is 15 mph (which is about normal – see chart below). I always use my bell to signal walkers that I am approaching and never speed past them, slowing my speed to 10 mph or less but since I am still going twice as fast as they walk, it would still seem (to them) like I am going like a bat out of h_ll. E-bikes enable older and less fit people to enjoy longer rides with less strain on our tired old aging muscles and joints; it’s not about speed! There are always a few bad apples who can ruin it for everybody but do NOT lump us all together as being irresponsible speed demons. On many of my rides I have been passed by human powered bicycles so it is not just E-bikes that are capable of going fast. Walkers also need to take some responsibility for their own safety such as removing their earbuds so they can hear a cyclist using their warning bell or calling out a warning. Walk on the left side facing oncoming traffic as you should on a multimodal path or street. And please don’t add any curbs to the paths. The paths are in fine shape except for a couple of places where they have already been repaired. It is to be expected as the first paving & use is subject to unforeseen sinking and/or heaving and the heat of the summer sun which destroys a blacktop surface just as it boils the tar right out of our local roads. The table below contains average speeds for cyclists of different experience levels. E-Bikes are here to stay. Ride (and walk) responsibly!

Average Cycling Speeds (1hr Ride)*
Beginner Cyclist 8 – 12 mph
Intermediate Cyclist 12 – 16 mph
Advanced Cyclist 16 – 24 mph
Professional Cyclist >24 mph
*source – BikeLockWiki

David Dallas
Village of Bradford


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