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Loomer qualifies for ballot in her bid to unseat Congressman Webster

Laura Loomer announced on Monday that she has qualified to appear on the August primary ballot as she fights to unseat incumbent Congressman Daniel Webster.

“I’m thrilled that I have officially qualified to be on the ballot for the upcoming Florida Republican primary on Aug. 23 as a candidate for U.S. Congress in Florida’s 11th District, via petition signatures. Thanks to the hard work of my campaign staff and my amazing volunteers, my campaign won’t be needing to pay to be on the ballot because we collected more than the  required 2,568 petition signatures to be on the ballot,” Loomer said.

Laura Loomer center in sunglasses speaks to a member of the crowd at Saturdays competing demonstrations regarding the future of Roe v. Wade.

She boasted she collected more petitions, than Webster who announced in March that he had collected “more than the required 2,500 petitions,” but did not specify a number.

“The nearly 3,000 petitions my campaign turned into local supervisor of elections offices is a testament to the large amount of grassroots support I have for my candidacy against Do Nothing career politician and absolute RINO, Congressman Daniel Webster,” Loomer said

Under Florida Law, candidates may qualify for office by collecting petitions signed by registered voters.

Loomer will appear next week in Wildwood with former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn and longtime confidante to former President Trump, Roger Stone.

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