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CDD 4 weighing maintenance assessment hike due to concerns about roads

The Community Development District 4 Board of Supervisors is considering a maintenance assessment hike because of concerns about road maintenance.

CDD 4 supervisors looked at possible options during a budget workshop Wednesday afternoon at Savannah Center.

CDD 4, which is located in Marion County, is in a unique position because it is the only CDD in The Villages responsible for the cost and maintenance all of its roads. Other CDDs are only responsible for their villa roads.

Supervisor Mark Hayes noted that it costs $125,000 to mill and overlay one mile of roadway. CDD 4 has about $1.1 million in road funding reserves.

“That doesn’t give us a lot of mileage,” Hayes said.

CDD 4 was forced to increase the maintenance assessments after devastating sinkhole damage in 2018. Some roadway projects were delayed because of that major expense and the desire to cushion residents from the costs.

In addition to anxiety about road maintenance, supervisors have the looming $1.13 million underdrain repair at the Soulliere Villas. CDD 4’s estimated share of the project is $720,000. That money will be coming out of working capital reserves.

The board is looking at a number of scenarios with regard to the maintenance assessment, including a 15 percent increase which over five years would boost the road fund balance to $2.5 million. A 15 percent increase would cost CDD 4 homeowners an average of $80 more per year. The rate is based on a home’s square footage, so a villa would be paying less and a premier home would pay a higher rate.

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