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Monday, June 27, 2022

Developer should pay entire cost for replacement of windmill and water tower

To the Editor:

Just my 2 cents worth. I don’t believe the Developer should help with replacement costs, I believe he should pay all of it.
I’m tired of hearing about substandard materials and workmanship being handed over to the residents. They entice people to come live here, charge a bond to pay for his infrastructure, use substandard materials and then when it breaks, we have to pay.  I don’t know who the inspectors are but I would assume they are in his pocket as well as the commissioners who want to keep his impact fees down.
He should be made to pay for all substandard work, including Morse bridge, water pipes etc.  I personally could care less about the tower and windmill. Don’t replace them at our expense.

Maryann Raines
Village of Silver Lake


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