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Sunday, August 14, 2022

Blame Putin not Biden

To the Editor:

Mr. Roy Schwartz invites those who voted for Biden to take a bow. I have taken this invitation seriously and proudly proclaim I voted for him and rendered the invited bow. He asserts that President Biden is responsible for high gas prices, the destruction of our economy and Russia’s economy, with more to follow. Putin is clearly and solely responsible for the destruction of his country’s economy by way of his unjust war. The rise in energy is experienced globally. Biden has, among other things, united NATO which Trump irresponsibly weakened as he gladly bowed to Putin in many ways for purely personal monetary benefits. That is a good thing for our security for NATO to be strong. It provides the pushback needed for Putin to consider is his blatant and reckless attempt to restore Russia to its pre-1991 geography. Our economy is far from destroyed. I remember the gas shortages in the 70’s which was the result of OPEC’s oil production strength, not any leader in our country.

Michael MacDonald
Village of Virginia Trace


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