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Food temperature violations and roaches force closure of Arby’s in The Villages

Food temperature violations and roaches forced the closure of an Arby’s restaurant in The Villages.

An inspector shut down the restaurant at 4130 Wedgewood Lane at Buffalo Ridge Plaza on May 24 after discovering the health code violations, according to a report on file with the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation.

A manager at the restaurant voluntarily threw out chicken salad that was in violation of the required temperature. The inspector also found sliced turkey, sliced chicken and sliced gyro meat stored at an improper temperature.

Arby’s at Buffalo Ridge Plaza in The Villages.

A second high-priority violation involved live roaches found behind a bread rack, in a cabinet at a front counter and under a prep table. There were 63 dead roaches in a cabinet at the front counter. There were an additional 15 dead roaches under a chemical storage rack at the back of the kitchen.

In addition, the inspector found:

• Fly sticky tape hanging over food-contact equipment and dry dishes.

• A cutting board that had cut marks and was deemed “no longer cleanable.”

• The floor was soiled with an accumulation of debris. The floor drains throughout the kitchen were heavily soiled. The inspector noted this was a repeat violation.

• There were no paper towels or a mechanical hand-drying device at an employee hand-washing sink.

• The restaurant license was not on display as required. It was found in the drawer of a filing cabinet.

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