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Friday, August 19, 2022

Joe is not leading this nation anywhere

To the Editor:

Finding facts that stimulate your instincts and spark the curiosity to know more. When people are curious, they seek answers and that is a great thing. Some say curiosity killed the cat, others think curiosity made it stronger, more aware of its environment and proficient at survival. I see people all around us revealing the truth spending vast amounts of time researching and gathering facts and exposing them.
Americans find the truth and in turn, they spread it to others, that is communication critical for a mass majority vote in November to develop. That is supposed to be the job of the media, at least we have a few left I call the American media, if you watch news and don’t feel that American Spirit, you are watching the wrong news, it’s that simple I don’t have to name them, if they are under attack by others, chances are they are telling the truth. This is the media that gives you info that allows you to make informed, reasoned decisions on matters involving America.
So, we have Joe “leading our country” and I must ask, to where? I see America in a spiral and it’s headed nowhere good.
1. Ministry of Truth, what happened? They don’t talk about it any longer, seems like one of those oops moments. It’s now on pause as it slides back into the swamp. That is a serious threat.
2. Now it’s the World Health Organization (WHO) that Joe wants to put in charge of America’s Health issues and monitor it to assure that is no “misinformation” of health information. Have ya ever heard of the One World Government? There is it, at least one part of it. An international ‘advisory’ organization will tell Americans how to conduct themselves & what to believe in the case of health emergencies. The same WHO hindered the investigation into Covid which benefited China. That is a serious threat.
3. Let’s not forget the baby formula they knew about almost a year ago. Really in America, we ran out of baby formula? That is very un-American that reflects our supply chain and it will spread to many other items we shop for. That is a serious threat.
4. We also have obesity which is racist. I thought it was a medical condition, how is that racist? Really help me out here, what the hell are they talking about? Reminds me of the movie “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest” these people are very scary talking like this.
Tell all politicians to push for a balanced budget, work ethic, deregulation, and cutbacks which are critical to the American economy.

Frank D. Lovell
Free State of Florida


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