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We must protect the pollinators

To the Editor:

The pollinator population is shrinking rapidly. What’s causing this decline? Well, we have Mosquito Joe to thank for that.
Habitat loss, increased land use, and a rapidly changing climate do play a part in the shrinking population. However, the greatest threat comes from the use of pesticides.
Mosquito Joe, Mosquito Squad, and Mosquito Authority are just a few of the many companies responsible for irresponsible use of pesticides. These companies tout their “environmentally safe” sprays, but these chemicals are extremely deadly to bees and other insects; Mosquitos are not the only ones suffering from the use of these chemicals.
When the mosquito trucks roll out to their designated homes and areas to spray, there is no guarantee that the pesticides will remain in their designated area. The slightest breeze can transport these deadly chemicals to a much larger scope outside of the original target. Bees also do not stay in one spot; they tend to travel great distances between their hive and flowers they pollinate. We also cannot trust companies to ensure their employees try not to spray blooming flowers, some do not pay that close attention and just want to get the job done.
While its appealing to eliminate pesky mosquitos, it’s not worth the negative impact to the pollinator population.
Bees play an essential role when it comes to pollinating vegetation that provide habitats for other wildlife creatures. All seed plants need to be pollinated, without bees, this would be almost impossible.
Pollination allows vegetation to reproduce and produce plenty of seeds for scattering.
Many do not realize or understand how much we actually depend on bees when it comes to the food we eat. Some foods only exist because of pollinators. For example, fruits, nuts, vegetables, and others are just a few of the many foods that make up our diet.
We have a stewardship obligation to protect our pollinator insects. Educating our neighbors on the vital role bee’s play and also how harmful companies like Mosquito Joe can be to the pollinator population and other insects.
We need to prioritize protecting pollinators. The world is a better place with them, let’s hope we do not have to experience life without them.

Ariel Santiago
West Palm Beach


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