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Friday, August 19, 2022

Media-inspired hysteria concerning assault weapons

To the Editor:

I am somewhat disheartened when I see what I perceive as media-inspired hysteria concerning assault weapons. The weapon itself does nothing. Banning assault weapons will only remove them from law abiding citizens. (The need to possess such a weapon is another topic.) Our focus should be trained on the mental health of those individuals who carry out the heinous acts of violence while using an assault weapon. Once the act has been committed, there are usually many reports of potential warning signs that individual signaled prior to the act. The issue then becomes how to identify those individuals and then help them, if possible, prior to the act without invading their privacy. Thousands perish yearly in traffic accidents. Should we ban vehicles? Did the vehicle cause the issue or the vehicle’s operator? I feel very sorry for the families of the victims of violence. Their pain has to be unfathomable. Banning any weapon is not the answer. Never, ever, allow politicians to take constitutionally guaranteed rights from us no matter what that right is.

Don Martin
Village of Dunedin


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