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Biden tried to take credit for Trump’s work

To the Editor:

I do believe that some people, both Republicans and Democrats are going overboard with expressing their political feelings. I do understand the passion with the Republicans for the way that Biden is destroying our country with his bad decisions! I would expect that a person who has been on the taxpayers payroll for 50 years, have a law degree (finished 76th out of a class of 85), have served in the high office and dealt with world leaders, would be capable of making better decisions than the bad decisions and policies he has made!
Because of his shutting down our energy the first day in office, which has more than doubled the price of oil and gas! Then kissing up to Putin and canceling the sanctions on Russian oil was a indicator to Putin, how weak of a leader Biden was and put Billions of dollars in Putins hands, which gave him the funds to invade Ukraine killing thousands of people and destroying their country!!
When Trump was in office and the pandemic broke out in 2020, Trump did an excellent job and jumped right into creating Warp Speed with the best scientist in the world and pushed the FDA and private companies to get a vaccine which he got approved in November of 2020 which was a fantastic feat and saved who knows how many lives!! He lost less lives without a vaccine for 10 months than Biden did with the vaccine in the same time frame!! Biden also made the comment on TV several times that he didn’t have the vaccine until after he took office Jan. 21, 2021! “OUTRIGHT LIE” He was on national TV getting his first shot of the vaccine on Dec. 12, 2020!! He tried to take credit from Trump’s work, which he has done many times and is known as the “Plagerizer” for trying to take credit for others work!
Trump put the screws to NATO by making the other members start paying their fair share instead of taking advantage of America and he put America first which Biden hasn’t done! I could mention the condition our country is in because of his bad decisions, like inflation highest in over 40 years, pulled out of Afghanistan and lost 13 of our military and hundreds of civilians lives, open southern border allowing drugs, criminals, terrorist, diseases, etc into our country, and the danger of a Nuclear War!! It is so hard today to buy gas, food and just about everything, and the people who don’t have a law degree or worked in government all their life and done all this free travel all over the world, are really hurting and having a hard time just putting food on their table, all because Biden wants to transition to electric cars and has no idea what turmoil he has created, but it doesn’t effect him and his buddies! Who will make all the monies from the battery industry for the electric cars, etc.? Yes, you guessed it, it will be China while they take away our economy! I could go on and on of his bad decisions but I’m trying to keep this short! I just can’t imagine why people are going overboard with their opinions!!

Ken Sulko
Village of Osceola Hills


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