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Friday, August 19, 2022

CDD 4 board gives preliminary approval to 20 percent hike in maintenance assessment rate

The Community Development District 4 Board of Supervisors has given preliminary approval to a budget which includes a 20 percent hike in the maintenance assessment rate.

The $4.054 million budget for 2022-23 includes an increase of $360,389 over the previous year.

Supervisors, in approving the preliminary budget on Friday, noted they want to look toward strengthening CDD 4’s financial position.

Supervisor Mark Hayes hosted a question-and-answer question Monday night at Mulberry Grove Recreation Center and said there were “a lot” of inquiries from residents about the possible maintenance assessment increase. Hayes said he wanted to make it clear that the maintenance assessment is completely unrelated to amenity fees paid by residents.

CDD 4, which is located in Marion County, is the only CDD in The Villages responsible for the cost and maintenance all of its roads. Other CDDs are only responsible for their villa roads. CDD 4 was forced to increase the maintenance assessments after devastating sinkhole damage in 2018. Some roadway projects were delayed because of that major expense and the desire to cushion residents from the costs.

In addition to anxiety about road maintenance, supervisors have the looming $1.13 million underdrain repair at the Soulliere Villas. CDD 4’s estimated share of the project is $720,000. That money will be coming out of working capital reserves.

Final approval of the budget will take place in September.

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