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Attorney General Moody exudes confidence in appearance before local GOP women

The Florida Federation of Republican Women of Citrus, Lake, Marion, and Sumter hosted Women for Moody in support for Attorney General Ashely Moody who is running for re-election.

Attorney General Ashley Moody spoke at Tuesdays event put on by the Republican Federated Women
Attorney General Ashley Moody spoke at Tuesday’s event put on by the Republican Federated Women.

The event was held Tuesday at the Wildwood Community Center.

Moody joked that he first thing that pops up when you Google “Women for Moody” is “Why are women moody?”

She said it should be a badge of honor

“We are no longer going to be embarrassed by that search term, we are going to embrace ‘Being Moody,’” she said.

She added that her name could also provide a description for the anxiety many Americans are feeling.

“We are all moody about what’s going on right now in our nation and in our state, we want to make sure American remains the country based on the principles and values it was founded on,” Moody added. “We need folks in office that will pay attention, be diligent and dig into the details.”

The partisan primaries will occur on Aug. 23 and the General Election is set for Nov. 8 where Moody will face the victor of the Democratic primary, either Aramis Ayala or Daniel Uhlfelder.

“I know that after the dust settles on Nov. 8 and on the morning of Nov. 9, we will still stand as the free state of Florida committed to the fundamental values of why you moved and lived here,” Moody said.

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