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Renovation work to start in July at home of new retailer at Lake Sumter Landing

Renovation work is expected to start in July at the home of a new retailer at Lake Sumter Landing.

Paradise Grills will be setting up a showroom at the floor space formerly occupied by Van Heusen/IZOD at 1018 Lake Sumter Landing, next to Starbucks.

Paradise Grills Direct Inc., the owner, is based in Orlando. Paradise Grills bills itself as America’s largest outdoor kitchen manufacturer. The company has showrooms located across Florida.

Paradise Grills will be coming to the former home of Van Heusen at Lake Sumter Landing
Paradise Grills will be coming to the former home of Van Heusen/IZOD at Lake Sumter Landing.

More than selling grills, the company specializes in commercial grade tiki huts, kitchen island bars and pergolas.

Bids are due June 27, with work expected to begin July.

An opening date has not been announced.

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