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Monday, July 25, 2022

The criminal fraud committed on MAGA supporters

Hey Villagers for Trump:

I’m curious how you feel about your beloved Fox Network finally deciding to try to be a real news entity by televising The January 6 Hearings? And finally admitting that The Big Lie was just that and Trump lost?
Only MAGAs have testified so there goes your excuse of blaming any of it on Democrats, Socialists or the “Liberal” Media. Only the likes of Ivanka, Jared, Jason Miller, Bill Barr and Bill Stepien testified, all apparently truthful to avoid perjury. And instead of taking their word, Trump chose to follow the traitorous drunk, Rudy Giuliani.
And how do you feel about The Big Lie leading to The Big Rip Off? I remember before your parade after the 2020 election you stuffing buckets of your hard earned cash to give to “The Election Fraud Fund” which never even existed. $250 million raised which only lined Your Dear Leader’s and his Sycophants pockets. Preying on and lying to your own supporters. Wow! Can it get any lower?

Casey Marr
Village of Pine Ridge


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