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Friday, June 17, 2022

Not one person in the Jan. 6 riot had a gun

To the Editor:

An INSURRECTION involves the attempted takeover of the government by force of arms. Not one person in the Jan. 6 riot had a gun. In fact, the only death by gunfire was a female Air Force veteran who was unarmed and shot in the throat by a capital policeman who said he knew she was unarmed.
This show trial by the hate Trump democrats and two RINO’s is a cynical attempt to divert the public from the democrat caused record high inflation and gas prices. It won’t work.
They are using communist like tactics to defame President Trump and his supporters. They have left out The fact that President Trump called in the national guard but the democrat mayor of DC wouldn’t let them do their job. Nancy Pelosi is responsible for the protection of the capital but she never allowed or called in the National Guard even though the capital police asked her to. If Pelosi and the democrat mayor had done their job the mob would not been able to breach the capital. But this so called committee will not address that material issue in their attempt to further besmirch President Trump and his supporters.
ABC SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF THEMSELVES for allowing this circus to be broadcast on their prime time. It’s not surprising though because the ownership of ABC and other so called mainstream media, are admitted left wing democrats who have conspired to bring down Trump even before his inauguration.
I will not, and I suggest that any fair minded, clear thinking patriot, should not watch this dog and pony show. We should vote in November and get rid of these evil legislators so we can start to right the path our country needs to tread for the sake of our children and grandchildren.

Larry Moran
Village of Mallory Square


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