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Sunday, June 19, 2022

ATM malfunction at bank in The Villages

To the Editor:

On Saturday 6/18/2021 I went through the ATM to make a withdrawal at Wells Fargo in The Villages. The ATM machine printed out a receipt reflecting my withdrawal transaction of $400 and a message appeared, “Unable to dispense funds at this time.”
I entered the bank with my receipt and explained the situation.I was told that I would need to call an 877 number and file a claim. I asked for help from a customer service representative. She called the number for me and was on hold for a very long time. The claim was initiated and I was informed it would take 2-10 business days for my account to be credited.
I asked to speak with the bank manager, she said she audited the ATM, but that is a different department although the ATM is located on the bank’s premises.
That money was going toward bills and I explained please look at camera footage and resolve this issue. Again I was informed there is nothing that can be done, you have to go through the claim process.
I am writing this letter to make others aware of what happens when an ATM machine at the bank malfunctions.
I have been a customer of Wells Fargo for 11 years. My paycheck is direct deposited into my account and I was robbed of $400. My bills will be late and as soon as I get the claim process completed I will be changing banks.

Rebecca Cloud


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