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George Robert Hewitt Jr.

George Robert Hewitt Jr.
George Robert Hewitt Jr.

George Robert “Rob” Hewitt Jr. passed away peacefully on June 8,2022 at the age of 83 surrounded by his loved ones after a long battle with dementia at his home in Lady Lake Fl.

He is survived by his wonderful wife Margaret and three daughters; Maureen, Jo-Ann and Cathy, and one grandchild, Gregory Heym Jr. And son-in-law Gregory Heym. Rob was born on June 22, 1938 in Trenton, NJ to George Robert Hewitt Sr. and Helen Hewitt. As a boy, he enjoyed horses and the simple, humble lifestyle. He also enjoyed playing with his cousins who were like siblings. It was there where he developed his core values which guided his life. Rob later attended St. John’s University in Queens NY. It was in New York that Rob met the love of his life; Margaret Pupke of Brooklyn NY. They met after a St John’s “dance” in a shared cab. Rob was immediately smitten and offered to make sure Margaret got home safely. They dated for some time and Rob entered the National Guard Reserves. It was there that Rob learned how to cook. He made such delicious dishes such as eggs benedict and pancakes among other favorites. He also wrote many love letters to the love of his life. After Rob returned from the service on September 21,1963 they got married and together they had three daughters. Rob also pursued a career in the travel industry. After various jobs, he joined the family-owned travel business in Port Washington NY, which was the center of the community.

He enjoyed travel and setting itineraries for others. He gained a strong appreciation for culture and diversity as he travelled around the globe with his family. Rob was a kind, quiet, caring, man with a subtle quirky sarcasm. He was a devout Catholic and led a faith-centered life. He was very community focused individual, as he was a member of the Knights of Columbus, Civilian Patrol, Tea Party, and American Legion, and also served as a Eucharistic Minister. He was a humanitarian in that he always thought of others who are less fortunate than himself. He was frugal and followed the “waste not; want not” mentality. He would always remind others that there were people who are “starving in Ethiopia “. He was a loving husband and a treasured father. He enjoyed family cook outs, travel, computers, and reading. He had an affinity for history and current events, community activities and church functions. At family gatherings, he was happiest cooking on the grill. He often tried to duplicate his mom’s macaroni salad. He would comment that she “spit in it” and that was the difference.

Our heartfelt thanks to all who touched Rob’s life; including staff at Merderi, Visiting Angels, Kindred Home Health, Lake Centre for Rehab, Compassionate Care Hospice, Waterman Hospital, Leesburg & Villages Regional Hospital, Beyers Funeral Home and all doctors, nurses, emergency personnel and social workers. He will be remembered fondly and will always be in our hearts.

A memorial service will be held at St Timothy’s on June 23, 2022 at 8:30 am.

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