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Hearing set to determine if ‘intellectual disability’ suffered by son who attacked mother

Scott Robert Kerster
Scott Robert Kerster

A hearing has been set to determine if a son accused of attacking his mother after dinner at a restaurant in The Villages is suffering from an “intellectual disability.”

Scott Robert Kerster, 45, also known as “Scott Fudge,” continues to be held at the Marion County Jail. He is facing a felony charge of battery on a person over the age of 65 following an attack last year on his mother after they had dinner at Beef O’Brady’s at Mulberry Grove Plaza. The attack allegedly occurred at the Circle K at Mulberry Grove Plaza.

Kerster is being represented by the public defender’s office. Assistant Public Defender Julia Williamson had already filed a motion asking the court for a psychological evaluation of Kerster “for the purpose of determining competency.” Now a judge wants to go a step farther and decide if Kerster is suffering from autism or an intellectual disability. A hearing has been set for July 25.

Kerster was sentenced to 60 days in jail with credit for 46 days already served for violating a pretrial release order. Kerster reportedly called his mother on March 20 and 21 even though he was forbidden from contacting his mother, a former resident of the Village of Chatham. Despite the no contact order, he called her with pleas to get him out of jail. The calls were recorded.

Kerster was already in hot water after it was discovered he took an Uber to Winn-Dixie after his mother was taken by ambulance from their home at Lake Sumter Reserve Senior Apartments at County Road 466 and Cherry Lake Road. Kerster was placed on community control after his conviction in a 2020 incident in which he stole money from a tip jar at Little Joey’s Italian Restaurant at Baylee Plaza in Summerfield. His community control sentence required him to receive permission from a probation officer before leaving the apartment.

After the Uber incident, a probation officer discovered there had been many times Kerster left the apartment.

“Scott goes out shopping and to restaurants often. Scott pressures his mom to take him out to eat and to shop,” a neighbor told the probation officer.

Kerster has multiple convictions for grand theft, theft and burglary.

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