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If my mother had decided to abort me I would not be writing this opinion piece

Robert Nyce
Robert Nyce

What is it and who supports it?  Is it legal, should it be, and if so, who decides under what circumstances it is allowed?  Good questions in todays’ modern medical environment.  Fetus viability has significantly improved and given the fact that many Americans want children but cannot have them, why terminate a healthy fetus?

Is abortion a right like the right to life?  Who’s right – the mother, father, both, or the fetus’?  If the fetus has any say in this, who speaks for the fetus and at what point – the courts, the states, the Federal government or us?  The right to life is primal in our constitution.  But when does life begin?  At conception or when a fetus reaches viablity in the womb, or when it is sustainable in an incubator?  When does a fetus become a person and get it’s right to life?

Many believe, no one has the right to end the life of another.  While the liberal side of society believes the mother is the only decider of life and death in the womb.  What about the father?  Everyone knows – it takes two – a male and female to create child.  It does not matter whether in the womb or in a test tube – it takes an egg and at least one sperm!  Period!

So, pregnancy never happens alone.  Do we just remove one parent’s rights simply because one of the creators wants to end the life.  We have legal contract laws that bind parties to their commitments.  Where is the commitment in this process?  Are we only animals with a sex drive that allows us to create life and then ignore it, or eliminate it for convenience?  Is there no commitment to ourselves and our actions?  No repercussions or responsibility for creating a life?  Are we that far removed from reality and emotion – from life itself?  Are we without a soul?  Remember, it takes two!

According to the on-line version of Encyclopedia Britannica: “abortion. The expulsion of a fetus from the uterus before it has reached the stage of viability (in human beings, usually about the 20th week of gestation).  An abortion may occur spontaneously, in which case it is also called a miscarriage, or it may be brought on purposefully, in which case it is often called an induced abortion.”

Induced abortions often occur through intentional medical intervention and are performed to preserve the woman’s life or health, to prevent the completion of a pregnancy resulting from rape or incest, to prevent the birth of a child with serious medical problems, or because the woman does not believe she is in a position to rear a child properly.”…

No matter when an abortion occurs, it is an absolutely awful and final process.  Just go to the internet and you can find many disturbing descriptions of it.  Can a society survive while killing its own children?

So many questions, so few answers.  But what did the reversal of Roe v. Wade accomplish?  Did it answer any of these vital questions?  No!  Did it define when life begins?  No!  Did it make abortions illegal?  No!  Did it give a father some say in whether his child is aborted?  No.

The reversal of Roe v. Wade was an admission of the difficulty faced in these decisions and simply says – we the Supreme Court of The United States made a terrible error in 1973 when we issued a ruling allowing an absolute right to abortion across the United States.  In fact, this issue is not a federal issue at all since it is not addressed in the Constitution or Bill of Rights.  There is no right to abortion – only the right to life!  These decisions are left to the States of The United States and their voters because they are not addressed in the Constitution.

For all the political hipe, screaming, yelling, displays of anger over whether or not abortion will be denied to any woman, the real question should be, at what point is a fetus a life with rights of its own?

Once that decision is made, everything else can be settled.  Will the Supreme Court of the United States make such a ruling – never!  We must do it.  We the voters and citizens of the greatest country on earth must decide when a fetus becomes a person with rights of its own.  Because once a fetus becomes a person, we are all bound to protect it from all harm and preserve the right to life we all enjoy.

I have three friends that are listed on the Viet Nam Memorial Wall.  Knowing them as I did, I can say they willingly gave their life for us!  I served at Arlington National Cemetery where many men and women are revered because of their sacrifice.  They died to preserve our freedoms and our way of life!  I will never believe they died to preserve the “right” to abort a fetus.  It never crossed their minds.

No decision by any court will win over the objections of those who support abortion!  Only their own heart and soul can do that.  So, no matter how much rioting, looting and killing results from this recent decision, it has solved nothing with regard to the real issue.  Is a fetus a life?  Is a fetus a human being?  Does a fetus deserve protection?  Who’s decision is it really to end a pregnancy – mother, father, both or voters.  These are difficult times but never as tough as what is faced by a fetus that is aborted!

I wish I knew the answer to these difficult questions, I don’t.  But I do know that if my mother had decided to abort me I would not be writing this opinion and you would not be reading it.

Abortion is not rare in the United States and if nothing else happens as a result of this decision by the U.S. Supreme Court, if it makes one woman reverse a decision to abort it is OK with me!

Villager Robert E. Nyce is a former member Pennsylvania House of Representatives.

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