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Friday, August 12, 2022

Abortion rights and the U.S. Supreme Court

To the Editor:

So a bunch of new old farts, on our highest court, who may watch who knows what on their bedroom TVs, are once again awakening the “sleeping giant” of abortion rights? Is this the way it’s gonna be from now on? Something that has been judged as “legal” for 50 years, and suddenly a group of hypocritical half-wits think that they, themselves, can dictate to an American woman what she can and cannot do, in relation to her own health and safety? There should be an age limit on US Supreme Court Judges. Seventy sounds like a good cutoff point. People that open the ‘frig, then forgot what they wanted to take out, should not qualify to be a U.S. Supreme Court judge. “The Times, They Are A Changin’” folks. Vote all of these old farts out of office, by starting with Mitch himself; Worthless dim wit Senator from Kentucky.

Hugo Buchanan
Lady Lake


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