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Michigan man on way to spread father’s ashes at beach arrested on I-75

Jacob Grant Devore
Jacob Grant DeVore

A Michigan man on his way to spread his father’s ashes at the beach was arrested on Interstate 75 in Sumter County.

Jacob Grant DeVore, 34, of Commerce Township, Mich. was driving a black Dodge Charger with Michigan license plates shortly before 4 p.m. Tuesday southbound on I-75 when the vehicle’s heavily tinted windows attracted the attention of a trooper with the Florida Highway Patrol.

During a traffic stop near Mile Marker 311 at Bushnell, DeVore claimed the vehicle belonged to his brother. He also said he and his female passenger were heading from Michigan to St. Pete Beach to spread the ashes of his late father.

A K-9 unit was summoned to the scene and the dog alerted on the vehicle, indicating the likely presence of drugs. DeVore admitted he had marijuana in his possession, but also claimed he had a Michigan Medical Marijuana Card.

A search of the vehicle’s trunk turned up a Home Depot bucket which contained five Ziploc bags which held a total of 910 grams of marijuana. Three of the bags were labeled “Sugar Cane” and one was labeled “Blue Dream.”

The woman traveling with DeVore had 137 grams of THC wax in her purse along with $2,000 in cash. She also had a vape pen. She claimed she was unaware of the marijuana in the trunk.

DeVore was arrested on multiple drug charges and booked at the Sumter County Detention Center on $14,250 bond.

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