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Monday, July 25, 2022

We should be allowed to face our accusers

To the Editor:

So much concern and attention is placed on a little white cross, yet there are eyesores in many neighborhoods throughout The Villages. I’m not talking about well-placed lawn ornaments neatly placed in beautifully landscaped front yards, rather the haphazardly places “disasters” found sporadically in various communities. Yes, we should all be allowed to decorate our yards in ways that make us happy, but remember this is a community and we need to consider how our adorned yards affect those around us. For example, if you were looking to purchase a home in The Villages, would you choose a home found next to a neat, moderately adorned yard, or the one that looks like an eyesore or front yard rummage sale? We all want our homes and yards to be our own, personalizing them with our special touch, just not go overboard and think of those around us. A little white cross, placed neatly in the yard hurts no one, but a yard filled with a dozen little white crosses would become redundant or even an eyesore.
As for those who complain about the little things like a little white cross, yet say nothing about the real eyesores in our communities, one might suggest that the complainer, while anonymous, might have a personal vendetta against the person complained upon, which is good reason that complainers shouldn’t be allowed to remain anonymous. We should be allowed to face our accusers after all
Finally, for those wishing to place the task of reporting on Villages Watch, while they are spending that extra time evaluating your yard, they are not watching and protecting the rest of the community. Things should remain as they are, complaints filed, but no longer anonymous, which might deter those with a personal grudge against another
I love my home in The Villages and enjoy the uniqueness of each and every home in my neighborhood. Let’s consider those around us when we decorate our yards and not become that neighbor with the yard others talk about, in a not so good way. Just my two cents, and maybe a little more.

Wayne Bentley
Village of Silver Lake


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