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Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Open border tragedy

To the Editor:

President Biden wants us to believe he’s so very compassionate and that’s why he has allowed open borders with Mexico. He also believes the Hispanics crossing the border illegally will vote democrat. Maybe he can explain to America how the discovery, today, of 40+ dead illegal immigrants who were locked in a sweltering trailer and died an agonizing death (children included), is compassionate.
How are these deaths not on President Biden’s hands? His policies have emboldened the cartels to smuggle these people. They use inhumane and extremely dangerous methods including pushing them into the Rio Grande to drown. How is this compassionate?
Of course, the open border policy is also killing American youth in record numbers as smuggled fentanyl becomes a cash cow for the cartels. How is this compassionate?
President Biden inherited a stable border from his predecessor and immediately stopped all means of protecting our border. How is this compassionate?
Sadly and tragically, the victims’ blood (Hispanic and American) is on President Biden’s hands.

Larry Moran
Village Mallory Square


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