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Friday, August 12, 2022

A lesson from 1776 worth remembering

To the Editor:

In 1776, we Americans were poor dirt farmers, roving merchants, and indentured servants living hand to mouth. We were struggling peasants who dared to unite in defiance of formidable obstacles.
One was the British Empire’s supreme monarch, King George III, known for his vindictive, entitled power above any law. We yearned for a legal system holding ALL people accountable.
And royal power could exact compliance and divide us against each other. “Loyalists” stood behind their tyrant father. But the rest of us were unimpressed by wealth and power. We risked all for our fellow workers, who shared our hard labor, passion for freedom, and love for our hungry families, not some entitled elite who had never worked a day.
It was a big gamble: would our fellows sell us out or hold true? Could workers trust each other, and self-govern? Our revolution inspired workers around the world to throw off their chains and claim their future. Imperfect though it was, a new worker’s government was born.
The reptilian eyes of oligarchs are still focused on our democracy, their methods ever more sophisticated to make us cynical, apathetic and divided. Like our forefathers, we protect each other’s rights through unity. Americans have different cultures, but none of us bend a knee for any king.
By standing up for our co-worker, sister, or friend, we secure the rights of every American to a decent life, equal participation, and freedom from persecution. We create an America of, by, and for The People.

Kirby MacLaurin
Durango, Colo.


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