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Tuesday, July 26, 2022

VCCDD to receive update on dead couple’s abandoned home in The Villages

The Village Center Community Developer District will receive an update on a dead couple’s abandoned home in The Villages.

The VCCDD board will meet at 3:30 p.m. Wednesday at Savannah Center and an agenda item calls for a review of the situation at 1221 Pompano Lane on the Historic Side of The Villages.

The home is owned by the Diane Greenberg Estate. She is dead and so is her husband. They apparently did not have a will and no family members have stepped to the plate. Therefore, the property remains in limbo. The manufactured home dates back to 1989. The Greenbergs bought the home in 2012 for $97,000.

1221 Pompano Place
The home at 1221 Pompano Lane on the Historic Side of The Villages has been abandoned.

A complaint was received Aug. 23 by Community Standards regarding overgrown grass and weeds. The complaint was verified the following day. The utilities at the property have been shut off.

Neighbors have been worried about the abandoned home and its proximity to their properties.

Fines have been piling up at the home, but the fines remain unpaid.

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