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Wednesday, November 30, 2022

CDD 8 supervisor claims ‘infighting’ detrimental to government in The Villages

A Community Development District 8 supervisor cast the lone vote in opposition to his board’s decision to join in a “conflict resolution” effort to convince Community Development District 7 to change its mind about the formation of a second Project Wide Advisory Committee.

CDD 8 Supervisor Sal Torname on Friday said he objected to his board’s effort to join Community Development District 6 in the conflict resolution effort it has launched.

CDD 7 had a conflict resolution session July 1 with CDD 6, which believes the formation of a second PWAC south of State Road 44 could save CDDs north of State 44 upwards of $200,000 per year.

Since that July 1 meeting, many participants and observers, including CDD 7 Board Chairman Jerry Vicenti, have described it as a productive first step.

However, Torname said the real conflict driving the issue is between the Developer-appointed Sumter Landing Community Development District Board and the resident-elected CDDs.

“This has created an atmosphere that certain entities have welcomed which is aggression between residential boards. In the future, if this board made a decision, how would it like being challenged by another residential board?” Torname asked his fellow CDD 8 supervisors.

He added that the CDD 7 board “wrong or right” made a choice and the ultimate scrutiny of that choice should be left up to the voters of CDD 7.

Torname’s objection did not stir much debate. CDD 8 Supervisor Dennis Hayes made a motion, seconded by Supervisor Phil Walker, to move ahead and join in the conflict resolution effort. CDD 8 Board Chairman Larry McMurry also voted in favor of the measure. Supervisor Duane Johnson was absent from the meeting.

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