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Monday, July 25, 2022

Donald Trump should consider himself the luckiest man on earth

Donald Trump should consider himself the luckiest man on earth.

Not only does he commit treason, but he has the gall to consider running again. In many other countries, and indeed in this country until we have become “politically accepting” of everyone, anyone who would have led an army to try to overturn the government would have been arrested and executed. How does the military handle mutiny? Refusal of duty? Yet that is exactly what he did. Everyone in the country knows, and certainly all of the Capitol protesters knew that the goal was to disrupt our election system. NOT our electoral system, but our whole system of democratic rule was being challenged. And Donald Trump knew that violence was the only way it was going to get accomplished. His only hope was to delay the certification long enough to freeze the government. And the only way to delay the vote was to have violence; he knew that a simple demonstration outside of the Capitol was not going to delay anything. He knew that morning that Mike Pence wasn’t going to do it for him, so he needed to go further. Then he sat back and watched people fight for him -his army – for over 3 hours, before giving up that battle. But now he continues. He has betrayed us as a nation, failing to carry out his sworn duties of protecting our constitution, and protecting us as a nation. He leaves a nation torn apart and vulnerable. For instead of one nation under God, we are now split and are at war with each other.

Donald Trump has become synonymous with ineptitude and selfishness. Our standing in the world has suffered too much because of Jan 6. The world stood agasp, watching what happened on Jan 6

Of course he won’t be executed, maybe not even arrested, but that is only due to hesitancy on the part of the DOJ. What would the military do, if an opposing army tried to usurp its authority? Do you think they would just accept it? Donald Trump tried to appeal the results of the election through the court system as he should have. He suspected fraud, and, as his right, he brought that information to court after court. 60 of the 61 judges rejected his appeals. But he did not concede after that, and agreed to a plot, one that required more time. He thought he could buy that time if enough of a disturbance occurred. Unfortunately for him, he couldn’t find enough co-conspirators in the staff surrounding him.

I read in today’s paper that if elected he will immediately replace all the top layers of every branch of government, replacing them all with people who will need to swear allegiance to him. Where have we heard that before?

He should be brought to justice, banished from the United States; at the very least, thrown into the wastebasket of history. Laws and procedures (like the electoral process) should be reviewed and codified as we learn these loopholes for any future presidents trying to overturn our democracy. And we can hopefully return to civil discussion and debate, knowing that we all love our country and the Constitution.

Philip Sutton is a resident of the Village of Belle Aire.

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