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Friday, October 7, 2022

Killing the customer

To the Editor:

Beyond the fact that the Mexican cartels are evil to the core with sex trafficking little children and women, invading our borders with illegal aliens, drug running , etc … they are also exceedingly stupid. Their clients for the drugs are American hop-heads who apparently need to go through life drugged up and are addicted beyond redemption. They will use any means possible to “find” money to pay for their habit and most of their “means” are highly illegal.
Now the cartels are actually killing their best customers with fentanyl. Fentanyl deaths among our young people have become historically high and the number one cause of death. Our young people are dying off from this drug at an alarming pace.
What “business” has a business model that kills off its customers? The communist Chinese are manufacturing the drug and partnering with the cartels in its distribution to the American market.
You can thank President Biden for these deaths as his open border policies are allowing nearly free access to not only the illegal aliens (Democrats call them “ migrants”) but the cartel drug operatives.
Did you vote for him?

Larry Moran
Village of Mallory Square


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