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Saturday, July 30, 2022

Dog brought to Spanish Springs Town Square

To the Editor:

My husband and I went to Spanish Springs Town Square recently to see Uncle Bob’s Rock Shop. As excellent as they were I was unable to enjoy the performance due to watching a dog that was brought to the square. He was perfectly well behaved, a beautiful brown dog of a breed. Very large, similar to a Weimaraner but brown not grey. His owner made me livid. When the dog arrived he seemed happy, smiling and wagging his tail. But, that dog didn’t belong there in this weather. After 30 minutes he was panting constantly. You could see he was unhappy. The tail no longer wagging. Although the owner provided him with water, often it didn’t make the dog comfortable. He was miserable in the heat, his feet on the scorching pavement, in the sunniest area in the square. I felt so sad for that dog. I love dogs, especially the large ones. I have a 70 lb. Boxer/Amstaff mix. We love to bring her to the square, too. But not in this kind of heat and not with an extremely loud band. She loves to accompany us but we leave her home in air conditioned comfort this time of year.
I don’t understand how a dog owner can be so inconsiderate of his animal’s comfort. I understand when you have a beautiful specimen of a dog you want to show him off. But bringing him to walk the square for over two hours, this time of year is abuse. Had he sat in the shade and provided the animal with a cooling pad and ample water it would have been alright but not best. I apologize for my rant, but seeing animals put in bad situations sickens me. I’m a coward, I should have spoke to his owner. I feel guilty for allowing that dog to suffer.
Please no matter how beautiful and well behaved your dog, leave him home in this weather!

Fran Kennedy
Village of Orange Blossom Gardens


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