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Friday, August 12, 2022

Monkey business and monetizing Monkeypox

To the Editor:

The CDC, an apparent marketing division of Pfizer pharmaceuticals, is doing their worst to monetize Monkeypox for political reasons. Lies are beginning to abound from the CDC and they are parroted by leftist media. So far, the CDC website is telling the truth. The spread of Monkeypox is only spread by very close skin to skin contact or sexual behavior with someone who has it. However, they go on to explain that they are researching if it can spread through respiratory secretion. That’s code for isolation, mask control, and Pfizer vaccines. For now, the CDC website begins their reporting on Monkeypox with a truthful, simple statement. “Monkeypox is rarely fatal” and goes away in two to four weeks. It looks like they intend to use an abundance of horrific Monkeypox pictures to scare us into submission anyway. Monkey business?

Robert Moore
Village of Rio Grande


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