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Monday, August 1, 2022

Follow the money when it comes to Val Demings

To the Editor:

I understand that Val Demings is running for the U.S. Senate and her primary arguments are that Senator Rubio never shows up and we need a cop in the U.S. Senate? I looked at her record to see where she has been working since I do not know her. I read that she has 27 years in the Orlando Police Dept. and retired as Chief of Police. Has she ever told anyone how much pension she gets or if she gets that pension now while she is collecting a Congressional Salary? Also, if elected to the Senate will that be a separate pension on top of her Congressional pension? I think she is almost collecting her full salary from the police force after 27 years while earning $175,000 or so from Congress and don’t forget she will also collect social security any time over 62 years old. All in all, an amazing thing to get paid at least twice as much in retirement as you earned while working – no wonder she is running! Why doesn’t the press ask these questions? No one is worth that much! And I forgot, isn’t her husband a Mayor of Orange County, former sheriff and former Orlando police chief – that is three pensions and social security. Wow is all I can say! A vote for Val Demings is a vote to make her family really, really, really rich. Just how much is one family worth at the public trough? And some people think $35/month for Lady Lake commissioners is too much! Follow the money! My two cents.

Robert Nyce
Village of El Cortez


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