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Thursday, August 4, 2022

Our day down at Fenney

To the Editor:

My fiancé works for The Villages and had Tuesday off so we decided to enjoy a day at a putt and play but no access for vehicles only golf carts. We brought paddle ball equipment with us neither one has ever played so we went to a court by Edna’s on the green, it was open play, with two courts available. There was a group of females, of course my fiancé is always 10 steps ahead (he is a big/tall guy) he went through the gate, and I over heard one of the ladies say, “Well! I’ve seen it all!” To my surprise and hers, of course, she was talking above decibels and also the sound echoes on the court. I confronted her about the comment, of course, she had no idea what I was speaking of then she said to me, you must have been eavesdropping. My reply was no that as loud as you were talking I heard you as I was walking through the gate. With that being said we left, thanked them for their hospitality and respectful court actions. Went to another court had a great time and off to a wonderful lunch at Fenney Grill.

Jane Adams
Village of Springdale


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