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Villager clarifies she’s not in trouble over mermaid but in violation for ‘co-mingling colors’

A resident of The Villages has clarified she’s been called to a public hearing this week not over her mermaid mural but for “co-mingling colors.”

The home of Erin Kellett at 1012 Aloha Way in the Village of Orange Blossom Gardens will be the subject of a public hearing slated to take place during the 3:30 p.m. Wednesday meeting of the Village Center Community Development District Board of Supervisors. The meeting will be at Savannah Center.

Kellett has a bright mermaid painted on her primary garage door and a starfish painted on her golf cart garage door. Those painted murals have been a point of contention, with some seeing them as beautiful and others calling them gaudy and atrocious.

The murals painted on this home will be the subject of a public hearing at Savannah Center
The murals painted on this home will be the subject of a public hearing at Savannah Center.

Details about deed compliance cases are kept under seal to ensure that the supervisors, who essentially serve as judge and jury, aren’t potentially prejudiced prior to the unveiling of the facts during the public hearing.

However, Kellett, who is free to discuss her case, is clarifying the reason she believes she has fallen afoul of Community Standards.

I am not in violation for having a mural on my garage. I am in violation for co-mingling colors. Co-mingling means bringing together. I have some soft pink, green, yellow and pink on my trim and concrete stucco foundation. I selected those colors to soften my mermaid. My home is artistically tasteful and well kept,” Kellett said.

The resident of the Historic Side said she has tried to infuse beauty into the the birthplace of The Villages, which began as a mobile home park.

“My neighbors are angry. They want to see lawns cut, RVs, SUVs, trailers and golf carts not on lawns,” Kellett said.

However, reining in aesthetics on the old side of The Villages seems like an impossible task.

“We will never be uniform. Home colors selected before 2014 are grandfathered in. Those after 2014 have outdated Sherman Williams’ numbers for colors. The Developer had carte blanche when building to select any paint color,” she contends.

Kellett also charged that the Developer has forsaken earlier efforts to buy up old dilapidated mobile homes and replace them with site-built homes. She owns one of the newer site-built homes.

“Not enough profit and they don’t get their way as easily in Lady Lake,” she said.

Kellett said she simply wanted to bring joy and color into her corner of The Villages.

“We need our board of supervisors to get on board with approving tasteful exceptions, especially on a street of trailer rentals. I tried to infuse some magic on my street so to distract from the many aging trailers,” she said.

Should her colors stay or go? Share your thoughts at [email protected].

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