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The Villages
Thursday, October 6, 2022

People need to remember the rules when it comes to golf carts

To the Editor:

After spending over eight years here it has becoming increasingly obvious people with golf carts require reminders about do’s and don’ts.
Unless the golf cart is registered as “Street Legal” they are not allowed on major thoroughfares (Buena Vista or Morse and the other main thoroughfares without a specific golf cart path)
There are significant dangers associated with traveling on streets or thoroughfares where the speed limit is over 25 mph.
Golf carts with adjusted speed controls are not only subject to extreme high injury incidents and are illegal as well. for those who chose not to obey the rules.
My point is maybe it it time for the Daily Sun to run an Op Ed about the rules and regulations about operating golf carts in a safe and sane manner as well as the dangers and financial liabilities.
Such an Op-Ed might save someone’s life and prevent personal injuries to others.
Thank you for allowing readers such as myself the opportunity to speak out.

Robert Beaudoin
Village of Briar Meadow


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