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Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Windmill and water tower weren’t built to withstand Florida weather

To the Editor:

First of all the windmill and water tower at Brownwood were obviously constructed with materials that never had a chance of surviving Florida weather.  This seems ridiculously obvious.  For the Developer to build these structures in this area with these sorts of materials borders on negligence.  Does anyone reading this believe The Villages didn’t know that these materials had no chance of surviving in this climate?  They build thousands of homes, rec centers, golf courses and adjacent structures, retail space, etc. etc.  Surely they know what materials work and which do not.
Secondly, these structures perform no function, they are purely decorative.  When Brownwood has a noteworthy band playing there isn’t enough seating space to handle the crowds.  The simple solution is to simply turn this space into additional seating capacity. Absolutely no need for the structures to be rebuilt at anyone’s expense.

Tom Ruhmann
Village of Dunedin


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