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Neighbors fearful of rodent invasion from dead couple’s property in The Villages

Neighbors are fearful of a potential rodent invasion from a dead couple’s property in The Villages.

The property at 3466 Auburndale Ave. in the Village of Summerhill was purchased in 2004 for $139,900 by Carl “Wayne” and Marjorie Bridgewater. They were the original owners. They were married in 1956. Marjorie Bridgewater died in 2018. He died in 2020.

3466 Auburndale Avenue
This house at 3466 Auburndale Ave. has become a neighborhood eyesore.

A neighbor had been mowing the yard, but ceased after he was told his Good Samaritan activities could lead to a trespassing arrest.

Since then, the grass and weeds have taken over the property. There is also mold growing on the home.

During a public hearing Friday morning at Savannah Center, the Community Development District 3 Board of Supervisors was shown photos of the property. Neighbors complained that the photos did not do justice to the “waist-high weeds” on the property. Neighbors said they are are fearful that rodents are living on the property and could pay a visit to their homes.

The utilities have been shut off at the home and there is a reverse mortgage on the property. Community Standards has reached out to the property preservation department at the reverse mortgage company, Guardian Asset Management. The company has advised that the property “is not currently listed in their inventory to maintain,” according to information provided in the public hearing.

The board granted three days to mow the grass and remove the weeds. The board also granted seven days for the removal of mold at the home. If not, a series of fines will be imposed.

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