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Wednesday, October 5, 2022

The raid at Mar-A-Lago

To the Editor:

How stupid does President Biden and Merrick Garland think we are? They insult our intelligence at every turn.
Let’s LOGICALLY look at the FBI raid on President Trump’s private residence.
1. It’s obvious that Garland went judge “shopping” and found a judge who is an avowed Democrat, gave a lot of money to Obama and other Democrats, recused himself prior when President Trump would have been in his court. Garland waited until this judge came up in the rotation to obtain the warrant.
2. President Trump had honored the subpoena and allowed the DOJ in his house to review any documents he had. If there were any documents they wanted they could have taken them. If they saw so called “nuclear secret documents” they should’ve and could have taken them at that time.
3. President Trump had the power to declassify top secret documents. Just because top secret documents are in his possession, if they are, doesn’t mean they are currently top secret if he declassified them.
4. Garland waited three days to act on what he termed an ”urgent” threat and he waited until President Trump was in New York and then he raided the compound with multiple police units with lights flashing, police in the air and on the water. His agents spent nine hours rummaging through these quarters including President Trump’s wife’s intimate closet. What required an FBI SWAT team? It was like he was raiding a drug lord.
5. These agents already knew where these documents were stored from their visits under the subpoena. They could have been in and out in a few minutes but they were obviously looking for other than these documents like any evidence that would tie President Trump to the January 6 committee review that they could hand over to the sitting grand jury. They were, in fact, on a fishing expedition.
6. This outrageous action has never been perpetrated on any ex president in the history of our great country. The only reason it was done in this fashion was to sensationalize and mislead the public to another hoax against this embattled man.
7. Why wasn’t this done to President Biden who has not produced over multiple thousands of required National Archive documents?
Why was this not done to Vice President Hillary Clinton who bleached and smashed her cell phone and had top secret documents on her lap top?
This is just another hoax in the same genre as RUSSIA, RUSSIA, RUSSIA, the double impeachment and the other cynical attempts to defame this man. Only this time they went too far and they woke the sleeping giant known as the silent majority. Vote the Democrats out in November and let’s reclaim our country.

Larry Moran
Village of Mallory Square


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