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Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Our democracy is seriously in danger

To the Editor:

Because historians are responsible for recording the status of our country and our POTUS on both a current and backward looking basis, our most imminent historians have for many years met with the POTUS on an annual basis. In a recent meeting, they warned current POTUS Biden that this is a turning point in our history and that our democracy is seriously in danger.
The division in America is at an all-time high. But, what is different from mere political differences on domestic or international policy are the calls for “civil war” or calls for violent attacks on the FBI or Attorney General that are supported by elected Senators and Congress men and women as well as a media on the right that is full-fledged anti-government and which supports these calls for violence and civil war. This has not happened in America since the Civil War that almost destroyed America, tore families apart and resulted in the loss of 750,000 lives – our deadliest war. Why anyone would even suggest returning to that level of devastation is mind blowing.
For the Republican Party and right wing media to blindly continue the continual campaign with calls for violence against the pillars of our security and our government while watching individuals and groups beginning to carry out those calls resulting in deaths is irresponsible. Why would ordinary men and women of moral character want such an outcome? Republicans in ordinary homes all over America need to step back and ask themselves if they truly want to destroy an America, hard fought and won by our forebears with blood through a Civil War and two World Wars with internal violence now. If they do not, then the silent majority that want peace need to voice that to the vocal mob calling for civil war and to elected Republicans that condone it. If we want peace we need to vote for candidates that do NOT condone or call for violence. Remember who they are and vote them out in November.

Samuel Heughen
Village of Pennecamp


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