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Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Why don’t boards want to deal with junk cars and abandoned homes?

To the Editor:

Just a question: If the former residents are dead, there are no heirs and there is no reverse mortgage, then can the state sell the property at auction and collect the sale monies?
If a person leaves money in a bank and neglects to do anything with it for a period of time, does not that money go to the state? Obviously, if the bank owns the property, then they should be held accountable for unattended property. Just questions to for a lawyer to answer. As far as cars that are abandoned and do not have a valid license, they should be towed and sold.
What is the hesitancy of our community boards not to deal with these matters? Since I have lived here, 10 years, the problem has existed.

Sandra Fuller
Village of Glenbrook


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