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Enforcement is the solution, but there is no money in it!

Robert Nyce
Robert Nyce

Why? Why? Why? Every day we ask, why does insurance fraud happen?  Why do drivers hit and run?  Why do drivers get away with speeding on our roads in The Villages? Why?  It is very simple, enforcement is lacking!  Other things are more important. I do not know what they are but they are more important.

If the Florida Legislature and governor want to stop these issues there is one simple answer – enforce the existing laws!  We do not need more laws we need enforcement of the current laws.  If you are caught speeding without insurance, no registration or driver’s license you need to be punished – not a ticket – jail time and confiscate the car until it is registered and insured!

The reason so many hit and run drivers flee is; no insurance, no license and no registration.  The penalties are simply not stiff enough and no one is suggesting a solution.  How about stop and check!  Oh no, that would infringe on civil rights and there is no money in it.  Then why have registration, driver’s license and insurance requirements if it is entirely voluntary?  Does it only apply if you have an accident or get a traffic citation for something else?

Roofing fraud is rampant – but ask yourself how many homeowners that participated in the practice have been charged with fraud?  How many contractors, repeat offenders all, have been charged and put in jail?  The insurance companies know who they are it is recorded in the claims and threats they make.  Just ask the insurance companies for a list and then prosecute the offenders!  Simple, right?  Nope, never happen because there is no money in it.

Recently there was an article in the paper about the condo collapse a few years ago near Miami.  The article indicated that more than half the claims made were made from the west coast and they were false!  How many fraudsters were prosecuted?  Probably none.  Why not?  We know who they are because they filed a fraudulent claim.  Why not prosecute them.  Simple, no money in it!

The lack of enforcement of our common law is the same as the degradation of society.  When the smallest offenses are ignored they lead to bigger and bigger offenses.  So, no one respects the law!  Just watch the news every night in our larger cities.  I’m not addressing Cops in any way, I am talking about respect for the law.  Simply put, laws do nothing, absolutely nothing except set standards of behavior by which we should all abide.  But when you constantly get away with violating the law – guess what, you keep doing it and no one cares.

Just watch TV.  All the trial lawyers in Florida love these circumstances because they sue your insurance company – why because no one else has insurance.  Not the other driver and not the registered owner (if there is one).  So, you pay for uninsured and underinsured coverage on your policy.  Not to protect people you might hit but to protect you from people who should have insurance but don’t!  You always pay!

Why do you pay?  Because you respect the law.  You register your car, get insurance and keep your driver’s license effective.  All the while you face increased premiums and bankrupt insurance companies that failed to reserve enough cash to protect the policyholders.  Follow the money!

The IRS is about to show you just how to do enforcement.  It may be fashionable to defund the Police but the Federal Government, especially Joe Biden is about to show you how it is done in a big way.  No escape, except for those who do not file a tax return including illegal alien fraudsters who get free phones, health care, education, papers to travel the U.S. on busses you pay for.

So, buckle up America, there will be no enforcement of common law, driving rules or any other fraud.  No attempt to stop the breakdown of respect for the law.  Why not?  There is no money in it!

The federal government promotes breaking the law by non-citizens, while all the enforcement will be where the money is – your pocket middle America!  Sit tight – the IRS cometh!  When it does it will affect us all because that is where the money is!  Thought you saved for your future, that may soon be re-defined as income, without your consent, because that is where the real money is.  My two cents.

Robert Nyce is a resident of The Villages.

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