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Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Why are some people left-handed?

Barry Evans
Barry Evans

There are a lot of “Why’s “in the world so I thought I would bring a few up.  For example, why do calendar makers dismiss Florida and the rest of the South?  It is very easy to see that we are discriminated against in our area.  All one has to do is look at the photo that goes with the December calendar page.  What you will find mostly are great snow scene photos.  Well, I have news for the calendar makers, we rarely ever have snow in Florida.  That puts us at a disadvantage if we are out and about and have no way of knowing if it is December already.  There is no visual sign, and it could still be August based on remembrance of calendar photos. True, it used to be that you could look at store displays and when you saw Christmas decorations you had a pretty good idea it was December – or pretty close.  Now stores have these decorations in August. There is no question that calendar makers should be required to include a Florida December scene.  I’d even go along with a polar bear drinking a cooling drink – but no snow!

Why is it that farmers, even high-class ones, don’t feed their cows pumpkin anymore? It apparently used to be common. They even had a quotation that went:

“The big yellow pumpkins will soon come handy to give the cows. They help out the Fall feed, and if there is anything better for I would like to know it too.  I bet pumpkin fed cows had fabulous milk. Undoubtedly pumpkin pies made with that milk were even smoother and tasted great with whipped cream made from milk from pumpkin fed cows. I guess that it is just another example of how modern society bypasses some of the great things in life that used to be! Alas!

Next there is the well-known question – “Why are some people left-handed?”

In the modern world, lefties do not get treated as badly as they did in earlier times.  However, some folks do believe that the devil is left-handed.  Which is why, I guess that a left-handed compliment is an insult.  On the other hand, a lefty baseball pitcher or batter can be highly valued.  Left-handed pitchers are called southpaws, but right-handed pitchers are never called northpaws.  Why is that? The darn English language is just not consistent.  Lefties do have some advantages of which many may not be aware. For example, if they get frustrated because they can’t cut with scissors that most other folks use, they can take a break and visit Left Hand, West Virginia.  No, it is not filled with lefthanders as it was so named because it sits on the left-hand fork of the Big Sandy River.  However, all left-handed people are most welcome.  Then, there is a nice college back in my home state of Pennsylvania.  Juniata College has a scholarship that is just for left-handers. You don’t find many of those! As far as The Blonde in the house and I are concerned our youngest son, Craig is left-handed, and you couldn’t find a greater guy.  (OK, perhaps there is a tie with our older right-handed son, Bruce). 

Barry Evans is a columnist for Villages-News.com


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