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Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Did Gov. DeSantis pay for the planes?

To the Editor:

Let me get this straight, Gov. DeSantis charters two private planes to take immigrants from Texas to Massachusetts. Then he brags about it to a pack of nasty followers.
Did he pay for the planes or did we, the tax-paying citizens of Florida? Did he show any compassion for the lives of the REAL people with whom he is playing games? Do we need any more proof that this guy has no regard for anyone but himself? What business is it for the State of Florida to be moving these poor people from Florida to a place they don’t know and where the citizens had no idea they were coming?
Please, please, voters of Florida, see this cruel man for what he is in his soul. He does not care about you or your life and does not deserve your vote. He is planning for higher office, and he is appealing not only to his base but to THE BASE in human life.

Jerry Ragan
Village of McClure


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