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Sunday, September 18, 2022

Live Square Entertainment for Monday, September 19


Brownwood Paddock Square  |  5:00 PM

The Rundown Band

Lake Sumter Landing Market Square |  5:00 PM

Studio 77

Spanish Springs Town Square  |  5:00 PM

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The Villages, Florida

Letters to the Editor
Opinions submitted by residents in and around The Villages

DeSantis wasting taxpayer money to use people as pawns

In a Letter to the Editor, a Village of St. Charles resident expresses outrage at Gov. Ron DeSantis for using taxpayer money to fly Venezuelans to Martha’s Vineyard.

Sanctuary states should be made to feel the pain

A Village of Largo resident responds to a letter writer critical of Gov. Ron DeSantis’ decision to send illegal immigrants to a “sanctuary state.”

What if Massachusetts’ governor flew prisoners to The Villages?

A Village of Sunset Pointe resident, in a Letter to the Editor, reminds Gov. DeSantis that airplanes that fly north, can also fly south.

Elderly who didn’t get free roofs shouldn’t be bearing the burden

A Village of Hacienda resident who saw a huge increase in her homeowner’s insurance, contends she should not be bearing the burden for all the people who got “free” roofs. Read her Letter to the Editor.

There’s already too much traffic on Rolling Acres Road

A Lady Lake resident, in a Letter to the Editor, contends there’s already too much traffic on Rolling Acres Road. A plan for nearly 300 apartments will make it worse.

The Villages, Florida