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Friday, September 23, 2022

I finally agree with Marsha Shearer!

To the Editor:

I am surprised and offer kudos to Marsha on her recent article published here. After following her ultra-biased comments critiquing the Republicans and President Trump she aims her guns at the real problem in our country. All of problems seem to be caused by the Congress and the little empire each member builds for themselves. Why are these members continually being re-elected? Marsha hints it’s money, power and communication in the media. Will this ever stop , I think not as long a lobbyist and big money buy campaigns. The only real change will come when term limits are imposed and lifetime salaries after serving one term and all the other self appointed perks are removed from members.
Again, nice article Marsha! I have bashed your biased writings for over 10 years and this one time I finally agree with you!

Robert Basye
Village of Piedmont


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