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The Villages
Tuesday, November 29, 2022

It’s hard to get around in The Villages due to traffic

To the Editor:

I do not think ANY building should proceed that reduces wildlife habitat or increases traffic and congestion. The Villages is already making it so hard to get around with high-traffic volume.
The wildlife have no place to go, and many people coming from other States have no regard for their lives. So many are being injured and killed on the roads.
It’s becoming too much of a busy area that reaches through counties that consists of homes, people, and traffic increases.
Classes at the rec centers are too full and we are turned away, restaurant wait times are long, traveling to stores is congested and just dangerous to get around with so many people that also are not being defensive and safe drivers.
I left here in 2018 and came back.  Now I’m considering leaving again. Why? It’s too crowded!!  Not the Friendly area to feel safe. Look at the crime in Villages-News.com.

Anna McEvoy
Village of Hawkins


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