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The Villages
Tuesday, November 29, 2022

The Villages’ swimming pools and golf courses will remain closed

Swimming pools, golf courses and recreation centers will remain closed in The Villages on Friday in the wake of Hurricane Ian.

District staff need time to evaluate facilities and make sure they are safe for residents’ return.

Community Watch will begin placing the gate arms back on all of the gates on Saturday, Oct. 1. As you approach a gate in which the gate arm has been removed, use caution and stop before proceeding.
Irrigation may continue to run along common areas and roadways to lower the water levels in water retention areas. This is done to ensure adequate capacity of the storm water management system.

A new low for Trump

A Village of Pine Ridge resident renews his call for Trump supporters to denounce their leader after his latest embarrassing debacle. Read his Letter to the Editor.

We are all God’s children

In a Letter to the Editor, a Village of Amelia resident expresses astonishment at Villagers’ callous attitudes towards the poor and homeless.

Villagers should have to show their ID’s at pools

A Village of LaBelle North resident, in a Letter to the Editor, contends Villagers should be ready show identification at swimming pool.

Golf cart traffic would be dangerous on Lady Lake streets

A Lady Lake resident is dead set against increasing golf cart access on the town’s streets. She says the idea is an accident waiting to happen. Read her Letter to the Editor.

Letter writer really got population wrong for Manhattan

A reader from St. Petersburg raised an eyebrow when he noticed a population figure for Manhattan quoted in another Letter to the Editor.