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Tuesday, November 15, 2022

Biden has declared war on us old people

To the Editor:

Biden has declared war on us old people.
First, he has inflated our savings. We have lost about 20 percent of the buying power of our savings. Did Biden give you a 10 percent increase in your Social Security to match? Do you think he’ll give you 10 percent next year? Biden doesn’t care.
Next, he has inflated away the value of our investments, while, at the same time, crashing their value by his regulatory restrictions on business, his war on oil and gas, his threats of taxes, his driving business off-shore. His inflation reduces our pensions, and all other fixed retirements. Biden doesn’t care.
His and his cronies’ COVID policies kept us from getting needed treatments, forcing expensive, ineffective pills that Fauci gets a big royalty from and threatening doctors and pharmacies if they help. He and his partners in crime forced sick old folks into nursing homes in nine blue states, resulting in 150,000 dead old folks. After our governor set up anti-body treatment centers all across the state, including in The Villages, Biden prevented the shipment of treatments to Florida and other Red states. Biden didn’t care.
His open-borders policy brings in Millions of diseased illegals and ships them all over the country. We are the most vulnerable, both for disease and crime, but BIDEN DOESN’T CARE.
His threatened tax increases will hurt us more than anyone. And Obama’s threat to confiscate our IRAs and 401Ks and give us worthless government bonds is still out there. His threat to end capital gains credits means that we will be paying taxes on his inflated values, destroying our investments. His tax increases will cut our Social Security, pensions, IRA/401K payouts.
His war on oil will prevent us from visiting our children, while he flies home every weekend.
All, as he destroys the social fabric of our society, makes it dangerous to leave the safety of our homes, as he encourages drugs and violent crime, especially against women and old folks. He wants us cowering in our home. He surely doesn’t want us at school board meetings.
The only thing worse that his war on old folks is his war on the lower classes.

Charles Thompson
Village of Amelia


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